SiriusXM Fleet Program FAQ

How can I advertise on SiriusXM Road Dog and talk channels?

Contact Steve Scheu.

If my trucks are already subscribed but not on a fleet program can I participate and lower my rate?

You are able to participate in the Fleet Program, a minimum of 5 trucks is required.

Can I put heavy trucks, light trucks and other company vehicles on the same fleet program?

Yes, all types of vehicles are welcome on the same fleet program.

Can I buy an annual subscription?

No, there is no need for an annual rate. This allows for trucks out of service, truck rentals, and replacement trucks.

What is the Music Royalty fee?

Music royalty rights were established by Congress and are the product of the Copyright Act. The U.S. Music Royalty Fee (MRF) offsets royalties’ payable by SiriusXM to composers, publishers, recording artists, musicians and record labels that hold copyrights in musical works and recordings.

How is my fleet rate calculated?

The number of trucks subscribed at the end of the month determines your tier for pricing.

How long does it take to get a fleet plan started?

3– 7 business days to have your account setup and trucks activated.

How long is the pricing good for?

Pricing can change when our overall rates go up. We notify you 90 days in advance.

Can I still take advantage of the 3-month free trial on factory and dealer sold truck radios?

Yes! We automatically recognize the free trial. Once the trial is over you will automatically revert to fleet rates.

What is the Family Friendly package?

Family Friendly Package includes the full range of programming, minus our adult themed channels in comedy, talk, Howard Stern, rap and rock genres. We offer it as a convenience to fleets at the same Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plan rates.

Can my driver call SiriusXM to change plans if we are on a fleet plan?

No. Only fleet personnel registered to the account by the fleet administrator can make changes.

Are the fleet plan rates taxable?

Yes, all fleet plans are subject to local taxes unless a tax exempt form provided at time of fleet account setup.